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High Profit Problems + The Hook

Align your offer with what ideal customers are actively seeking out and paying for using keyword research.


Collect, analyze and convert your ideal customer's words into sales-winning copy. 


Get instant confidence to raise your copywriting rates with SparkCopy.

The Copy Collab

For the copywriter with a harsh inner critic. Goodbye bend over and cough teardowns, hello collaboration to tease out your brilliance and perfect your copy.

Leakproof Sales Pages

Wow prospects to win high-ticket projects with sales page audits.

Leak Detectors

Pinpoint leaks costing you sales in emails and checkout pages.

Headline Helper

Sell like hotcakes with semi-homemade headlines

Unstuck Yourself

Get and stay unstuck with this free bonus tool when you purchase the Anti-Planning workshop with my affiliate link.

Social Booster

Increase clicks & conversions with expertly crafted social media posts.

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